The Hansult law firm offers full negotiation, settlement, trial and appellate services for matters in civil litigation involving:

Civil Rights, General Torts, Employment/Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Public Education and Governmental Abuses in and around the Toronto and GTA

Our law firm takes pride in helping his clients during their time of need and will aggressively and tenaciously pursue your matter while always being accessible to you. Hansult law firm recognizes that many potential clients cannot afford traditional legal services or that they have not been successful in retaining an attorney on a contingency fee basis.

For those in this situation, Hansult law has developed affordable and creative fee arrangement. In addition to his low cost plans, many of the cases Hansult accepts involve civil rights or governmental abuses and therefore could present no cost to the client. Hansult law believes that just because you haven’t been successful in obtaining, or cannot afford, traditional legal services, does not mean you do not deserve them!

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